Subway Are Going To Start Charging You For Toasting Your Sandwich


There’s no two ways about it, a Subway sandwich that hasn’t been ‘cheese and toasted’ is just sadness in a bun. It’s gotten to such a point now that the lovely folk behind the counter don’t even ask anymore. I don’t know if it’s the same for you when you go, but the servers usually stick some cheese in my sub and throw it in the oven unless I explicitly tell them not to these days.

Anyway, the point is that Subway sandwiches are beautiful and a hearty-Italian BMT, cheese and toasted is better than sex… because hearty-Italian BMTs, cheese and toasted are obtainable.

So imagine a world where the sandwich you want the most is taken from you unless you’re willing to pay just a bit more money. Not a break the bank amount, but still enough to piss you off. Well it looks like that world isn’t too far away.


You’ll remember back in 2012 when the ‘pasty tax’ was banded around, with the government wanting to levy 20% VAT on hot takeaway food, such as the aforementioned pasties or subway sandwiches. Boo.

The idea never properly took of (hooray) but the 20% tax did stick around for hot sandwiches. Boo… again.

Like the good bread boys that they are, Subway kindly didn’t raise their prices and kept things the same, making slightly less money and keeping the government happy.

But the bliss that we had become accustomed to wasn’t to last, as Subway have all of a sudden had a change of heart, wanting the pass the extra costs onto us, the customers.


They’ve started trialling the inflated prices in the Midlands so for most of us, nothing’s going to change for a while.

The standard 6-inch sub at Subway costs £3.49 but the new initiative could see that price rise to £4.18. Outrageous. I’m not buying Neymar here, I’m buying a sandwich.

In a statement, a Subway spokesperson said:

Since changes to VAT in 2012 (the pasty tax) Subway has repeatedly tried to challenge the law in order to protect the customer.

Subway franchisees have been absorbing the VAT cost, charging a single price for food, whether hot or cold or eat-in or take-away.

The dual-pricing menu is similar to what customers see on other high-street chain menus, which ensures that customers pay the lowest price for products which do not attract VAT.


Subway stores are individually owned and operated, store owners set their own prices and they may vary.”

I don’t think I’ll forgive that spokesperson. Definitely off the Christmas card list.

We should just all join hands and remember how lucky we all are to have Greggs.

I love you, Greggs. Mind you, I should probably just learn how to make good sandwiches.

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