Someone Has Pointed Out Why Joey And Rachel Should Have Ended Up Together On 'Friends'


When the internet was asked about the biggest TV show fuck ups, one of the examples given was the time Rachel dated Joey.

It made sense, at the time. We’d never really put much thought into it, but it turns out there is someone who has. Writer Claire Willett,Β via the twitter accountΒ @kaneandgriffin,Β shared some pretty strong opinions about Rachel and Ross’ relationship – and why Rachel and Joey would have been much better for each other.

Whether or not you agree with what she has to say about everything, we can guarantee you won’t look at Friends in quite the same way again.

(There are 100 tweets to read so grab a drink and get comfortable)

Wow. A lot to take in, right? And a whole new light in which to look at a certain Ross Geller.

If you enjoyed Claire’s epic Twitter thread – you can buy her novel The Rewind Files hereΒ (it has nothing to do with Friends).

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Images via Comedy Central / Twitter

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