These Are The Scariest Horror Movies That You Can Watch On Netflix


Need something to do tonight?

Here are 15 of the scariest horror movies that are ready and waiting at Netflix. Watch, if you dare.

It Follows 

It Follows is about a girl who contracts possibly the worst STD possible: a curse that sees her followed by a shape-shifting supernatural creature that only she can see. It can only move at a walking pace, but if it catches up to her, it’ll kill her. The only way to escape? Have sex with someone else, and pass the curse along…

This movie will scare you senseless.


After their parents die in a brutal murder/suicide, two young girls escape into the woods near their home. After extensive searches fail to find them, they’re eventually presumed to have died. They haven’t … Much to the delight of their aunt and uncle (Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), they’re found (years later) living feral in a dilapidated cabin in the woods.

Have they been alone that whole time though? And how much have their experiences changed them..?

The Wailing 

A Korean horror, The Wailing sees the inhabitants of a small village struck by a disease that makes them inexplicably start killing each other. A police officer (sent to investigate) realises that the killings started around the same time that a mysterious stranger arrived in town, and he consults a shaman to help him cast the guy out.

The Wailing has been described as “very crazy”, “stupendously entertaining”, and “deeply sinister.” Definitely not one to miss…

Blair Witch

Set 20 years after the first Blair Witch movie, this sees the brother of Heather Donahue find a video that he believes shows his long-missing sister. He and some friends make the mistake of investigating, and they go to spend a night in the Blair Witch woods.

You can probably hazard a guess as to how well that ends for them…

The Woman in Black

One of Daniel Radcliffe’s first post-Potter roles, The Woman in Black is about a young, ambitious lawyer, sent to an isolated English village to settle the affairs of a recently deceased client. He quickly realises that the locals are being terrorised by a very angry, very violent ghost, and things get fucked up.

The Cabin in the Woods

A group of college students decide to spend the weekend at an isolated forest cabin (always a bad idea), and quickly realise that they’ve come to a very bad place. As they’re attacked by a variety of malevolent creatures, it becomes clear that there’s something bigger (and more international) at play…

Directed by Joss Whedon and starring Chris Hemsworth and Jesse Williams, this movie twists the whole “slasher” genre into something original and fresh. We won’t give away the ending, but be warned that it will seriously mess with your head…


In the first Insidious movie, parents Josh and Renai (Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne) are distraught when a demon latches onto their comatose son. They call upon some famous demonologists to help, but it turns out that dad Josh is the only one who can save their son…

This movie is very jumpy, and very scary…

The Invitation

You might not have heard of The Invitation, but trust us, it’s really good. It sees a man called Will and his new girlfriend Kira attend a dinner party at Will’s ex-wife Eden’s house. Relations between them have been tense (they broke up after the tragic death of their young son), and Will quickly realises that Eden and her new husband might have a nefarious plan up their sleeve…

We won’t give away the ending, but rest assured that it’s bloody good.

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House  

This Netflix original sees Ruth Wilson (Luther, The Affair) play a nurse caring for an elderly author in a very haunted house. We can’t really say more than that without giving it away, but rest assured that this movie is very atmospheric, and very good…

The Babadook 

A critically acclaimed horror movie, The Babadook is about single mother Amelia living alone after her husband’s violent death. Her young son develops a fear of a monster that he believes is living in their house, and while she at first attempts to soothe his fears, Amelia eventually begins to realise that it isn’t all in his imagination…

Starring Essie Davis (Game of Thrones), this is a truly terrifying watch.


Released only last year, Hush sees a deaf woman terrorised by a murderous home invader who realises that she can’t hear him coming. He decides to have some fun with this, coming up with increasingly inventive ways to terrify her before he kills her, but underestimates her will to survive.

She might not be able to hear him, but she’s not helpless, and she puts up one hell of an entertaining fight…

Green Room

A punk band are mistakenly booked to play a Neo-Nazi club, but decide to go ahead and do the gig anyway. While there they witness a murder, and are forced to barricade themselves into the green room when the club’s patrons decide that it would be better to leave no witnesses…

What follows is an intense, violent and very scary stand-off. Patrick Stewart, Alia Shawkat, Imogen Poots and the late Anton Yelchin star.

The Descent 

The Descent is so scary, we would highly recommend that you don’t watch it alone… It sees a group of friends go caving (alarms bells are already ringing), and run into some trouble when a narrow passage collapses behind them, sealing them in.

This is nightmare enough, but things get considerably worse for the friends when they realise that they’re not alone. The cave is inhabited by inhuman creatures that are very, very hungry…

You’re Next 

A family gather at a rural cabin for their annual reunion, only to come under attack. A group of masked, violent killers have targeted the house, and seem hellbent on picking off the family one at a time.

You’re Next is very, very entertaining, but not one to watch if you can’t handle a jump…

Would You Rather

When you answer vile Would You Rather questions (such as “would you rather stick a knife into your own eyeball, or have your brother die”) you thankfully don’t actually have to follow through with your choice. Unless, that is, you’re a character in horror Would You Rather.

In this movie, a sadistic aristocratic finds desperate people to play the game for money, and they actually have to commit to their choice…

What’s your favourite Netflix horror movie? Let us know in the comments! 

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