'Saturday Kitchen' Host Can't Handle It When Caller Tells Him "I've Got Crabs"


There’s always an element of risk when a TV show take live callers, right? You never know what kind of jokers might call up.Β 

Yesterday during the cult classic weekend daytime TV show ‘Saturday Kitchen’, one caller made a shocking admission to the presenters and chefs on the show.

Each week, the callers tend to call with a cooking problem or an ingredient they have that they don’t know what to do with. But this week, the caller said “I have crabs” and asked how to “cure them”.

HostΒ Matt Tebbutt did break into giggles briefly, before gathering himself back together and asking his panel how they would cook crab. Brilliant. We even know what wine to pair with the STD/seafood now.

Here’s the video:


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Images via BBC

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