This Popular Dating App Plans To Ban Anyone Who Sends Unwanted Dick Pics


Hey, dating app users, raise your hand if you’ve ever been sent a dick pic without asking for it …

Well, OkCupid have claimed to be the first dating app to put a stop to such behaviour, thanks to their new pledge.


In a blog post titled ‘Because You’re Better Than The Dick Pic‘, OkCupid have laid out the reasons behind their decision. According to the post, the move is designed to remind everyone about ‘dating etiquette’:

“Today we’re introducing a new OkCupid Member Pledge,” The blog post reads, “Now, before our members can interact with the OkCupid community across the site and on the latest version of our app, they must first agree not to send any harassing or unwanted, sexually explicit messages.

It may seem simple, but we’re the first dating app to incorporate a pledge that directly urges members to act courteously and kindly — and we think it’s a pretty big deal.”


OkCupid CEO Elie Seidman wrote: “With the Member Pledge, we’re putting the power in our daters’ hands. This new feature reminds our members that, if you wouldn’t say it to someone you just met at a bar, you shouldn’t be saying it online.”

The new pledge works quite simply enough. You don’t really have to do anything out of the ordinary. Existing users who have updated to the recent version of OkCupid will receive a pop-up message on their screen that will kindly inform them that they’ll be banned if they send “harassing or unwanted sexually explicit messages.”

Of course, these messages also include dick pics. No suprise there.


Whilst it is a nice thought and everything, the point of the matter is that OkCupid are essentially just asking people to make a pinky promise that they wont be bad. It seems almost laughable to think that people will actually stick to their word. Promises are broken everyday.

The threat of being banned could possibly be a nice touch, but both Tinder and Bumble also have parts in their terms and conditions that overtly forbid the posting of “sexually explicit” and “pornographic” content.

Unlike OkCupid, however, they haven’t chosen to put these points front and centre on their apps.

Could this new pledge help decrease the amount of unwanted dick pics that people receive whilst using dating apps? Whilst it would be nice to think so, we’re still a bit sceptical …

Do you think this new anti-dick pic pledge will work? Let us know in the comments!

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