People Are Going In On Jess From 'Love Island' After She Posted A Video In A Puddle


Just when you thought the ‘Love Island’ aftermath couldn’t get any sadder, this article arrives.

The glory days are over, the rain has arrived in England, and the millions of people that watched Love Island every single night are starting to forget the islanders’ names. Who won again? Who were the first couple kicked out? It’s all such a blur.

Speaking of the first few couples to be kicked out, this chat is about Dom and Jess. Admittedly, it was so long ago that we genuinely can’t remember, but we’re pretty sure they were the first actual couple to leave the villa. They’re convinced they are Britain’s next Posh and Becks, and have been posting so many sponsored posts that people assume they’re sponsored to breathe, too.

Fans went to town at Dom a few weeks ago when he announced his nationwide tour. As if he were some kind of rock star or actual celebrity he announced he would be appearing at basically every club in the country. Recently, a former Love Islander revealed that fresh out of the villa you make about £2k per club appearance – so suddenly the 40 date tour made sense.

The ‘love of his life’ Jess is also busy making money, posting more sponsored posts a week than most people cook meals. One of her most recent one is for a fitness workout brand, and shows her demonstrating the moves for all of her followers.

But the hilarious twist is that for some weird reason, she did it in a puddle.

Because you just gotta get that #spon post out, even if you’re stuck on what looks like the back entrance of a pub somewhere after it’s been raining. So classy.




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