Older Siblings Are Actually Terrible At Driving, According To Research


The results of a new study have revealed that older siblings are mostly likely to be the absolute worst at driving, in comparison to the younger ones. 

Younger siblings all over the nation rejoice!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally found our place to shine. Honestly, who cares about who’s better-looking? or who’s smarter? Driving is a skill all on it’s own and the fact that we’re better at it, just proves, more than anything, that we’re the superior siblings – right?

Umm, we’ll take what we can get.

A study conducted by Privelege Car Insurance looked at the driving habits of 1,395 motorists and found that 89 per cent of older siblings are more likely to speed.

If that isn’t bad enough, it should be noted that 35 per cent of these people end up getting caught and consequently fined for their speeding.

47 per cent of these drivers are more likely to annoy other drivers by cutting them off, and 46 per cent are more likely to cruise in the middle of the road.

(Probably because they think they own it all).

Trust us, it gets worse. In the study, it was the older siblings who admitted to putting on make-up while driving (17 per cent), and 30 per cent of those asked even confessed that they use their phone at the wheel – even though it’s now very illegal!

As for the only children out there, the results of this study showed that you’re all the least annoying drivers on the roads.

Despite that age-old belief that being an only child makes you selfish, the results show that these people are the least likely to hog the middle or outside lanes, and they barely ever take it upon themselves to cut someone else off on the road.

Not all heroes wear capes, eh? Some just don’t have siblings.

Is your older sibling a terrible driver? Let us know in the comments!

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