NHS Releases List Of The Things That Are Most Likely To Kill You


If there’s two things that all humans have in common, it’s that they’re born and they eventually die. We seem to be pretty good at the latter, with not enough people having children these days and too many people being in to murdering.

But it’s not just murdering and war, is it? Despite medicine reaching crazy new heights and people now knowing what not to eat, smoke and drink, we all still eat, smoke and drink stupid things. I say all… obviously not all.

Regardless, people die. But what do most people die from in the UK?

The NHS have chimed in to answer that question with an atlas of risks. Finally you know the answers to the questions; what kills more, suicide or accidents? Pregnancy/birth or war?

Have a look…


I really thought cancer would be at the top.

And what leads to those causes of death? The NHS made another atlas of risks for that…


Hardly any shocks there.

The NHS explains on the site:

It’s easy to lose perspective and worry about small or insignificant risks while ignoring, or being unaware, of the major threats. The NHS Choices Atlas of Risk has been designed to help put health threats into perspective.

I guess the moral of this story is the work out, eat well and don’t smoke.

Suppose we all knew that anyway..?

Images via NHS/ iStock

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