New Netflix Show 'Atypical' Has Been Slammed As 'Offensive' And 'Creepy'


If you’re subscribed to Netflix, you might have recently received an email from them explaining that their new show ‘Atypical’ could be the perfect new binge-watch for you (or something along those lines). Usually, when a new show is added to the esteemed Netflix roster, curiosity gets the better of us and we sacrifice at least fifteen minutes of our day to see if it’s truly worth our time.

Well, according to a few initial reviews, Atypical isn’t.

This isn’t to say that the show is particularly bad – it’s just many reviewers have called it out for being offensive, whilst others have deemed the story ‘predictable’.

Doesn’t really scream 5 stars, does it?

For those of you who don’t know (or didn’t receive that email), Atypical focuses on a teenager on the autism spectrum named Sam. When he decides that he is ready to find romance, things get a bit hectic for his family.


Determined to be more independent, Sam begins to make changes in his life, and this soon encourages his mother to find her own path. Eventually, she and the rest of Sam’s family find themselves trying to understand him, as they struggle to become ‘normal’.

According to one journalist (who also happens to be autistic) from Salon, some of the scenes that supposedly convey the classic signs of autism are just plain wrong:

“On one occasion, when he is about to lose his virginity, he has a freak-out in which he punches a girl as she takes her shirt off. Another time, when trying to seduce his own therapist (ick), he breaks into her house by sneaking into an open window.

Elsewhere, he humiliates his girlfriend by proclaiming that he doesn’t love her in front of her entire family. These aren’t classic signs of autism — they’re violent, creepy, cruel and make the autistic character seem like a monster.” The article explains. 


Another article from The Week US questions why Sam’s personality was not really expanded upon within the show: “Yet even in those more nuanced portrayals of Sam, I wondered: Where is his sense of humor? Why does he rarely seem to take any actual joy in his hobbies?

A review from NY Times points out that the show’s portrayal of autism could use some work, as it kind of skates over the important bits and tries to force in some laughs for the sake of comedy – “The line between illuminating and trivializing is particularly thin here.”

The AV Club simply said – “The more Atypical tries to get autism “right,” the more things go wrong


A review in Vogue was perhaps the only one that dared to call the show ‘sweet‘, but they couldn’t help but mention the fact that the show sometimes wasn’t always all that funny.

So, what’s the conclusion? Well, perhaps try to check it out for yourself and see whether you agree with these reviews …

Or you could just binge-watch ‘Glow‘ or something.

Have you watched Atypical yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments!

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