Netflix's New Horror Comedy 'Little Evil' Looks Like It's Going To Be A Blast


The ideal genre for everyone who enjoys a bit of horror but can’t actually quite handle it – the horror comedy. 

Cabin In The Woods, Shaun Of The Dead, Tucker & Dale Vs Evil, all wonderful horror comedies that we all know and love. Tucker & Dale Vs Evil director Eli Craig has ventured into the genre once more, writing and directing a new flick for Netflix called Little Evil starring funny guy Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation), Evangeline Lily (Lost) and Donald Faison (Scrubs).

It follows Gary, played by Adam, a newlywed who is smitten with his new wife – but struggling with his new stepson. The pair don’t see eye to eye, and things quickly go south when Gary finds out the little boy was born when his ex was part of a cult who believe a child will rise to end the world.

In the trailer, we’re told that “all kids are dicks. But this is a different level. He’s like at the top of the dick chain.”

A perfect blend of comedy and horror, if you’re a fan of the genre this new Netflix original should be right up your street. Check out the trailer:


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Images via Netflix

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