Netflix Have Revealed Their Ten Most Watched Original Series


The more I think about it, the more I’m genuinely struggling to think of the last programme that I watched weekly as it came out on actual television. I think it may have been ‘The Night Manager’ but surely that’s not recent enough.

must have watched something live since then. Does football count? It’s weekly and there’s a lot of drama, especially if you’re an Arsenal fan like me.

It’s obvious that Netflix is to blame for all of this. They made watching stuff when we want so much easier. No longer do we have to record things if we’re not there when it’s airing and we don’t have to clutter bookcases with DVDs anymore. It’s the glory days of home-viewing.


Also they’re making their own stuff, and to most people’s surprise when they started, it’s all really good. Somehow Netflix have gone from a company that used to post you DVDs to a global streaming service offering some of the best original content ever made. It’s bizarre.

But of all of the original stuff they’ve made, what’s been the most popular with viewers? Well…

All of the figures were based on the popularity of the show within the first 3o days of its premiere. At the top spot was Daredevil season two followed by 13 Reasons Why, then Iron Fist, Luke Cage and finally, Jessica Jones.


So 13 Reasons Why was the only non-Marvel show in the top five and it’s very likely that the new team-up series, The Defenders will make top spot once it’s been out long enough.

Finishing off the top ten, in order, was House of Cards (season five), Stranger Things, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (season three), Fuller House, and Orange Is The New Black (season five) coming tenth.


Though Stranger Things is lower than you might like it to be, it did get the lowest week-by-week decline in viewers, which is good. Meanwhile, 13 Reasons Why was the only show to have its numbers rise by the weeks.

All of this being said, it seems pretty likely that Marvel’s The Punisher will make it on to the top ten list once it’s released later this year, as should the next season of Stranger Things. Netflix dropped a trailer for it the other day, in fact…

More of this, hopefully…

Ohhhh it should be good!

Images via Netflix

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