Here's What's Coming To Netflix UK This September


‘Game Of Thrones’ is over for another year and we’re ready for some new screen material to take over our evenings.

Netflix are answering the people’s call for new things to watch over the autumn months with plenty of original content and exciting TV shows and movies.

Here’s what we can look forward to:

Narcos, Season 3 (1st September) 

Can this popular crime saga survive without its leader, Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura)? The new season is set to follow the DEA Agent who has set his sights on the notorious Cali Cartel.

The Good Place, Seasons 1 & 2 ( 21st September)

A tongue-in-cheek comedy about the realities of life after a death and a fictional after life called The Good Place. If all of the things you’ve done in your life add up enough points, you make it into The Good Place, a reality where you are matched up with your ideal partner, put in your ideal home and get to live out eternity in joyous bliss. The show is about one woman who finds herself there after an admin mistake.

Kill Bill, Vols 1 & 2 (1st September)

Do these movies need any introduction? Both the first and second instalments will available to watch, so you can get your full dose of the yellow outfit wearing killing machine that is The Bride (Uma Thurman).

The Walk (1st September)

Nominated for countless awards, The Walk is Robert Zemecki’s depiction of Phillipe Petit’s terrifying 1974 tightrope walk between the two towers of the World Trade Center.

Rick and Morty, Season 3 ( 2nd September) 

It started as a send-off to another space-themed cartoon, Back To The Future, and has evolved into a hugely popular show in its own right. It follows a drunken and abusive inventor called Rick and his reluctant nephew Morty on their space adventures. Seasons 1 & 2 are already on Netflix, new episodes of the third season to be released every Saturday, starting on the 2nd.

Strong Island (15th September)

The latest in Netflix’s line up of true-crime documentaries, Strong Island explores the race-related 1992 killing of William Ford, the ensuing acquittal of the murderer by and all-white jury and the effect this had on his brother Yance, and creator of the film,  and the rest of his family.

American Vandal, Season 1 (15th September)

Parodying some of their own most successful original content, Netflix are releasing a show that aims to solve the crime of penis-based graffiti in a school and make you laugh as they do it.

Spectre (22nd September)

Two words: James Bond.

Blue Is The Warmest Colour (25th September)

This iconic lesbian sex scene filled movie is returning to Netflix. Definitely not one to watch with any member of the family.

Star Trek: Discovery, Season 1 (25th September)

This long-awaited prequel is set 10 years before the original series, with the premiere on the 25th and a new episode following every week.

Our Souls At Night (29th September)

Another romantic drama quickly purchased by Netflix after it went down well at the Venice film festival. It’s a heartwarming tale about a widow and widower who are neighbours for years but have never met. As you can tell by the genre, an unlikely connection is made and romance ensues.

What are you most excited to watch? Let us know in the comments!

Images via Netflix

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