This Guy Made A Hilarious PowerPoint For A First Date And Was Dumped For It


The other day I matched with a very nice and very pretty girl on Tinder. All was well – I may have messaged a little too eagerly but the vibes were good in general. I asked if she wanted to go for coffee, she said yes provided it was Irish (the perfect answer), I asked when she was free… and I haven’t heard from her since.

A bit weird and unpleasant sure, but what I lack in texting skills, I more than make up for in my ability to roll with the punches at this point in my life. In a way, I’m relieved (I’m totally not but this is me putting a face on) because there’s little more stressful than arranging a first date.

Where do you even buy Irish coffee? I hate coffee and I’m sure the only way to make it worse is to put cheap blended whisky in it. Nonetheless people keep going on first dates and as a whole, humanity is running out of ideas. That’s why the genius, Ben, decided to take the stress out of arranging date activities alone by creating a funny and charming PowerPoint and sending it to his potential significant other, Tom.

Here’s what he came up with…

2 3

Hilarious and original, right? Well, apparently not…

I was going to say it was down to Ben saying his friend got a “whole in one” but he immediately made up for the typo by saying Brick Lane is full of wankers. It really is.

Obviously Twitter stuck up for him…


And just in case you’re thinking – like I initially did because I’m shallow – that maybe Tom thought he was out of Ben’s league, have a look at Ben…


There he is, sitting intensely and being one of those good-looking people that you read about.

Ridiculous. I think Tom might just be one of the worst people going. There’s really no excuse for that kind of behaviour. Ben’s dodged a bullet, as he said:

Too true.

Oh and Tinder match who I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I know you’re reading and I’m willing to give you a second chance, possibly a third and most likely a fourth. Fifth is pushing it but I’m sure allowances can be made. Mind you, if I’m giving you a fifth chance, I may as well throw in two more.

Seven’s a weird number isn’t it? On second thoughts I should probably round it up to ten.

Ten chances. That’s right. I play hard ball, girl.

Images via Twitter

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