'Game Of Thrones' Theory Suggests That Jaime Isn't The Father Of Cersei's Baby


Warning! This article contains Game of Thrones spoilers! If you don’t want to know, then now’s your chance to leave…

When it comes to Cersei Lannister’s pregnancy, there’s a lot to discuss. 

Is she actually pregnant? Will she carry the baby to term? Is there a risk that she’ll die in childbirth? And – assuming she is really pregnant – is Jaime actually the father??

For the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus predominantly on that last question. Some fans are suggesting that Cersei isn’t pregnant by her brother (for once), she’s actually been getting down and dirty with Euron Greyjoy.


It might seem like a slightly left field suggestion, but there’s tangible evidence feeding the theory.

Euron and Cersei have clearly been conspiring behind Jaime’s back; the poor guy had no idea that Euron’s cowardice was all an act, and that he’s actually sailing his Iron fleet to pick up an army of mercenaries. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility, then, that Euron and Cersei have been doing other things behind Jaime’s back as well…

There’s arguably been sexual tension between the pair, and after Euron brought Ellaria and Tyene Sand to Cersei (as a seductive gift), she will have no doubt wanted to reward him. Maybe with some sweet sexy time?


Writing about this theory, PopSugar have also cited the scene in which Euron taunts Jaime about sex with Cersei. He asked him what she was into in the bedroom, but then maybe he already knew…

A Greyjoy-Lannister baby is a worrying prospect. Joffrey was an utter c*nt, and he was fathered by Jaime, who – apart from all the sister shagging and pushing Bran out of that window – is actually a pretty good guy. The product of Cersei and Euron – two of the worst people in Westeros – is going to be the devil incarnate.


We’ll have to wait until season eight to find out.

Let us know what you think about Cersei’s pregnancy in the comments! 

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