Did 'Game Of Thrones' Just Kill Off This Major Character Without Us Noticing?


Spoiler alert: This article contains so many spoilers about the last episode of ‘Game of Thrones’.

With all the major characters coming together on the show, fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ can’t help but feel that, after waiting so long, our hopes are finally coming true. Daenerys finally met Jon Snow and Arya returned to Winterfell. After six seasons, the story almost feels like it’s moving towards a satisfying end. 

Of course, it should come as no surprise that probably not every character on the show is going to make it to that ending.

Over the past six seasons, we’ve lost some beloved characters in some of the most jaw-dropping plot lines that TV has ever seen (yes, we’re looking at you, Red Wedding). And it looks like the bloodshed isn’t going to slow down anytime soon – especially now that Daenerys has decided to take Olenna’s advice and be a dragon. 

Up until recently, the very thought of those dragons has scared many characters on the show. Cersei Lannister even sought the help of Qyburn, who had previously created the Mountain by bringing him back to life (Doctor Frankenstein, much?)

His latest invention, named ‘Qyburn’s Scorpion‘, was put to use last episode, as we saw Bronn abandon his beloved gold and use it to shoot an arrow up at Drogon, who – whilst clearly injured by the shot – still seemed well enough to protect Daenerys when Jaime went for her in those last scenes.

This might lead many to conclude that Drogon will be just fine in the coming episodes, but a few Reddit users remain sceptical – mostly because Qyburn tends to get a little bit creative with his inventions.

A few people have suggested that the arrow that Bron shot might have been coated in poison, which could possibly have dire consequences for Drogon over time.

First of all, let’s take a look at the name of the invention: Qyburn’s Scorpion.

According to Reddit user, Aaron Oliver, Qyburn could have named his invention after a Scorpion because – “Scorpions famously pierce and poison their prey …

It should also be noted that the reason why Qyburn couldn’t become a Maester was because he loved to experiment on humans. A man like that probably wouldn’t have a problem with poisoning Dragons for his Queen.

Qyburn might have gotten this idea from when he was reviving The Mountain, after Oberyn Martell’s poisoned blade killed him back in season four. And whilst most poisons probably wouldn’t effect Dragons, there is a particular one that could absolve them of their mental stability, thus breaking their bond with Daenerys and deeming her incapable of controlling them anymore. The poison that could achieve this effect is called Basilisk’s blood.

According to another Reddit thread, users also reckon that the origins of Drogon’s name could reveal his fate:

I loved how poetic it was that Drogon, the dragon named after Khal Drogo, was the one leading the Dothraki attack on the Lannisters. It just seems too perfect that not only was Drogon leading the attack, but he also suffered the same injury as Drogo, an attack to the shoulder (albeit, opposite shoulder).” One user wrote.

As we all know, Khal Drogo didn’t survive after he was attacked in the shoulder. Could it be that Drogon will suffer the exact same fate?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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