This 'Game Of Thrones' Family Tree Explains Exactly How Daenerys and Jon Snow Are Related


So, ‘Game Of Thrones’ viewers can now be separated into two groups: people have either twigged who Jon Snow really is, and people who haven’t quite got the memo. 

Admittedly, the reveal was possibly a little too subtle for the more casual viewers, like my housemates. Last night I spent a solid half an hour explaining to them who Jon Snow was really related to – and what impact that had.

Worth it. But for all you people not quite sure what this whole Jon Snow hoo-ha is all about – Tech Insider have made a handy graphic to break it down for you.

ti graphics game of thrones family stark targaryen tree

So basically, Ned Stark took in his sister Lyanna’s child (Jon) and pretended it was his own bastard son, to protect him from the harm that would eventually come to all living Targaryens.

This makes Jon Ned’s nephew, and Daenerys Jon’s aunt. Are you following?

At the moment, the show is hinting at a future romance between the pair (Jon and Daenerys), which is fine… until you remember he’s her nephew. This wouldn’t be the first act of incest of the show, of course, but it would be the first unknowing act.

This bit of knowledge also means that Jon is a Targaryen, meaning he might be able to join Daenerys in the whole dragon rider thing. He has proven he is not ‘unburnt’, as in the first season he touched a lamp and it burnt him, but he could still wield the power of the dragon.

Check out the trailer for the next episode of season 7 here:

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Images via HBO / Tech Insider

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