Everyone's Making The Same Joke About Jon And Daenerys In The Cave


Warning: Season seven spoilers ahead.

For once, the internet isn’t claiming Jon Snow knows nothing – they’re claiming he definitely did something.

In the most recent episode of season 7 we saw Jon lead Daenerys into a cave, and the pair bonded over some old cave drawings left by the children of the forest. The drawings depicted the first men living alongside the children of the forest – and joining together to fight their shared enemy back then.

This was all, of course, part of Jon’s mission to get Daenerys on board for the fight against the white walkers.

Fans all made the same joke:

The jokes then turned to the last time Jon spent time in a cave with a lady:

And then people wondered what creepy statement Bran would have for Jon when they are reunited:

Oh, internet. What would we do without you?

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Images via HBO

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