Everyone's Favourite 'Love Island' Duo Is Getting A Spin-Off Show


People of the world rejoice, for Chris and Kem will be gracing our screens once more – and hopefully without their ‘Love Island’ girlfriends.

We get it, Love Island is all about finding heterosexual love – but fans ended up most invested in the brotherly love that developed between Chris and Kem. We saw them shave their initials into each other’s pubes, cuddle in bed, and rap together through their emotional struggles.

According to The Sun, sources have revealed that the much-loved pair start working on their own spin off show this week.

“Kem and Chris will begin filming for their brand new show this week. The series will be all about their bromance and what happened from the point of them leaving the villa until now.

It has been commissioned as a two-part series at the moment – with the thought to develop it into a longer running show.”

This new show will be aired on ITV2, and it’s fair to say people are pretty excited about it:

Now, reminisce on their bromance for a while:

Amazing. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Images via ITV2

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