This Epic Train Journey Across The USA Only Costs $216, And Takes In All The Sights


Travelling often costs an obscene amount. Yes you can try to eat, drink, and sleep cheap but somehow the actual travelling part always ends up costing the earth. However, one travel blogger has discovered a frugal way of travelling across the United States, and it doesn’t involve renting a car.

Travel blogger Derek Low has proven that the most scenic, low effort, and cheapest way to travel across the United States is in fact via train. Derek took the 3,400 mile trip from San Francisco to New York and has showed that this colossal journey need only cost you $213 (about £164). Now THAT is cheap.


Imagine, only £164 to travel 11 different states, four different time zones, and see both the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. If that’s not value for money then I don’t know what is.

Included in the price are some absolutely breath taking scenes:





And because you’re travelling by train and not by plane, you can actually properly enjoy the sites without feeling queasy. Plus, the train is even decked out with special viewing compartments that offer prime viewing capacity.


Although this trip can be taken for the wallet friendly price of $213, Derek instead opted for a fifteen-day rail pass, which cost $429 (still only about £330).

The fifteen-day rail pass allows you to break up your journey by eight different train rides. While the usual fee for long-distance train rides comes in at over $80 per journey, this fifteen-day rail pass sees that each trip only costs $54- absolute bargain.

Not only is this train ride super cheap, but Derek also claims it’s more comfortable than travelling economy on a plane so it’s a winner all round really.

Perhaps the only draw back to this trip is the prospect of eating meals that look something like this…


Why does the bacon look as though its been embalmed in the cheese? Gross.

Even so, move over interrailing, there’s a new train based trip that’s topping our list.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. 

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