Dom From 'Love Island' Was In 'Skins' And People Have Only Just Noticed


Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about the singletons that locked themselves in a villa to be filmed 24/7 for 10 weeks, you’re proven wrong. 

Every year there’s one person with an interesting secret that they can’t help but tell everyone in the villa. Multiple times. Last year it was Zara Holland telling everyone she was Miss Great Britain, this year it was Marcel being in Blazin’ Squad.

It turns out one other islander had a showbiz secret up his sleeve – Dom had been on our televisions long before he entered the Love Island villa. Admittedly, he probably didn’t mention it because his cameo is around 0.004 seconds long.

One eagle eyed viewer was re-watching Skins, and spotted him in the background.

And he confirmed it was legit:

He definitely should have taken some tips from Dr. Marcel:

I guess with his one second Skins cameo and small stint on Love Island together, it kind of explains why he is in the middle of a 40 city tour of the UK.

Kind of. Not really.

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Images via ITV2

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