These Are The Dirtiest NSFW Movies Available On Netflix Right Now


Whilst Netflix can come in rather handy when you’re aching for a binge-worthy TV show or weekend horror flick, there are actually a few films in their library that could fulfil your other – ahem – needs.

Having a large selection of films from all over the globe gives Netflix the unique advantage of having a large selection of dirty films from all over the globe too. And one of the great things about sex scenes is that you don’t really need subtitles to figure out what’s going on specifically. Genitals touch. Pleasure comes. End of.

So, on that note, we’ve decided to list some of the dirtiest NSFW films that are available on Netflix for you to watch right now. You know, just in case you wondering

The Concubine (2012)

This Korean period movie takes the phrase ‘climbing the political ladder‘ to a whole new level, as a young woman named Hwa-yeon is forced to become the King’s concubine. Things get a bit dangerous, however, when she realises that the King’s half-brother, the Prince, has developed a strange obsession with her too – not to mention the fact that her old lover, previously presumed dead, has suddenly come back to life.

Caught between the King, his brother and her ex-lover, Hwa-Yeon is forced to play a game in order to survive. But how long can she last? Especially since she kind of has to have lots of sex with them …


Love (2015)

This lovely little film from director, Gaspar Noe, is basically porn. It’s even described as a  “pornographic film” on Google. For 2 hours and 15 minutes, you’re presented with a plethora of graphic sex scenes in which the actors are – actually having sex. 

Yes, Love features bizarre scenes of ‘unsimulated sex’ which basically means that when you see the main character getting a blowjob from his girlfriend – he’s actually getting a blowjob. The director, Gaspar Noe, has previously declared that he wanted to “make movies out of blood, sperm and tears,” and, well, let’s just say that, with this film, his wishes have definitely come true.


Lovelace (2013)

This film follows the life of an infamous porn star from the 70’s named ‘Linda Lovelace’, whose rise to fame began with a little film called ‘Deepthroat‘. Amanda Seyfried takes on the titular role, and whilst the film contains several depictions of her – um – skills, one of the most explicit sex scenes actually takes place when her boyfriend goes down on her (in the kitchen, whilst her parents are in the next room).

He makes her tell him that she’s his girl whilst he’s doing it and let’s just say that she can’t – really get the words out right …


The Overnight (2015)

Starring Taylor Schilling (Orange is the new black), this sex comedy focuses on a couple who are invited to a dinner by their new neighbours. Whilst things are kept pretty vanilla in the beginning of the evening, everything changes when the children are put to bed. Soon, things take an unexpected turn into the realms of porn, sexual photography and late-night skinny dipping and let’s just say that, whilst the film is a comedy, they definitely don’t play about with those suggestive sex scenes …

There’s even full frontal male nudity…


Below Her Mouth (2017)

This film has been described as a “cinematic voice to the female orgasm“, and we definitely agree. A successful fashion editor named Jasmine is due to get married to her boyfriend soon, but when she meets a young woman named Dallas, during a night out, she suddenly finds herself unable to stop thinking about her. Soon, the two women begin a steamy affair filled with sexual exploration, pleasure and, of course, all the orgasms. Trust us when we say it’s quite difficult to pin down just one sex scene in this film as the dirtiest. They’re all pretty intense.

Below her mouth

The Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015)

This coming-of-age film follows the life of a curious 15-year-old who is lured into a deeply sexual relationship with mother’s new boyfriend (played by Alexander Skarsgård). The two of them engage in some extremely intense sexual experiences as he teaches her all about intimacy, and let’s just say that you definitely wouldn’t want to watch this with anyone you weren’t comfortable with. Like your parents, for example.


Concussion (2013)

A middle-aged woman takes a painful blow to the head and wakes up from her concussion with an unexpected desire to seek sexual pleasure from high-end escorts. She goes on a journey of orgasmic exploration and learns a few things about what she likes to receive along the way.


Amar (2017)

This Spanish film focuses on the relationship between a young man and woman, who happen to be each other’s first loves. Over time, they realise that romance isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to accumulate as many orgasms as possible in that short period of time.


A Perfect Ending (2012)

A bored housewife reveals her deepest desires to a female escort and finds herself uncovering pleasures beyond her wildest dreams. Yep, this one is an orgasm galore.

a perfect ending

The Crime of Padre Amaro (2002)

This film focuses on an affair of sensual taboo that eventually begins to destroy a small Mexican town. A young priest causes a major scandal when he begins a deeply sexual affair with a young woman in his church. Filled with sin and sexual exploration, the priest tries to stay away from his lover, but, with the memory of her sensual capabilities haunting his every prayer, he eventually finds himself coming back …

Padre crimes of whatever#

Have you watched any of these films? Let us know in the comments!

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