Courtroom Artist Drew Terrible Sketch Of Taylor Swift And Twitter Couldn't Handle It


Pop star Taylor Swift is currently in Denver, pursuing a sexual assault case against a radio DJ she claimed groped her in 2013. 

In true courtroom style, no photographers are allowed in – and so the press are having to rely on gool ol’ courtroom artists to see what’s going on inside.

We understand that these artists must be under some extreme pressure to perform, and boy have they come through:

That woman (who kind of looks like a teenage boy) on the far left of the group? That’s Taylor. Now, it is quite possible she’s changed dramatically since we last saw her on the music scene, but we can’t help but think this has more to do with the courtroom artist just not quite catching her likeness.


Side by side, it looks like they could be cousins, maybe?

Twitter had a field day:

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Images via Getty / Twitter

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