You Can Now Rent An Entire Irish Pub With Airbnb


Lovers of all things Irish pay attention; you can now rent out an entire Irish pub through Airbnb.

If you’ve always wanted free reign of a pub and you’re looking for the perfect holiday for you and your mates then look no further than Conroy’s Old Bar in County Tipperary.

This picturesque Old Bar has a lounge with an open log fire, two bedrooms, and can sleep up to four people. Costing about £90 a night, Conroy’s also comes complete with a full bar including darts and skittles so you can indulge in old mannish games to your heart’s content with no groups loitering by the dart board, pressuring you into cutting your game short.



While it’s not exactly the kind of place you’d go for a mad social experience (the activities listed on Airbnb include the village hall and the church), it’s the place for a quirky get away with friends. Plus, if you get a bit tired of swanning about the pub, within a 20-mile radius there’s also water sports, golf, and horse riding to experiment with. The Irish countryside surely does everybody some good.

The rental also offers full access to the World of Fairies Fairy Garden (a weird garden filled with homes for fairies, trolls, elves, and leprechauns). So even more reason to go get your green on.


However, if you’re hoping to kickstart a budding career as a bar tender, then Conroy’s may not be for you. Unfortunately the pub no longer holds its liquor licence, so any pints that you pull will have to be for you and your mates exclusively. Conroy’s even holds the nickname of “The Pub With No Beer”. Sad times.

Would you like to go here? Let us know in the comments.

Images via / Airbnb

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