This Is The Best Time Of Day To Have Sex


In an effort to discover the information we’ve all secretly wanted for a while, Forza surveyed 1,000 people to discover when the best time of the day to have sex is. 

It’s admittedly more opinion based than scientific, but interesting nonetheless. And they found that the best time is at 7:45, or approximately 45 minutes after you wake up if you’re not an early riser.

Those 45 minutes will give you some time to freshen up, wash of the eye gunk and brush your teeth before getting jiggy. Morning sex is fun, convenient and will set you up for an all-around good day. It will flood your system with a dose of endorphins, and lower your stress levels for the rest of the day.

Not to mention, getting laid in the morning will also make sure you walk with a confident swagger when you arrive to work.

The survey also wanted to find out some other key timings:

  • 06.45 – Wake up  you should aim to be in bed by 22.10.
  • 07.00 – Go for a run – 54% said cardio before breakfast burned the most calories.
  • 07.15 – Breakfast – around 30 minutes after waking up. A very short run.
  • 07.30 – Sexy times – Time to get jiggy
  • 09.45 – Concentration peaks – three hours after waking is when your brain will be on top form
  • 10.45 – Stress levels peak – So, maybe take a break?
  • 12.15 – Lunch – should be four hours after breakfast. 84% said sticking to set meal times helped them to lose weight.
  • 18.00 – Dinner time – Get some more food in you.
  • 18.10 – Booze time – Because you need to give y our liver some time to process the alcohol before you go to sleep.
  • 18.30 – Strength exercises –  Forza say strength levels increase throughout the day, get to the gym in the early evening for an effective work out (but not if you’ve been drinking)
  • 22.10 – Sleep – Get those Zs in.

There are a few flaws with this, namely the drunken strength work out, and the very short 15 minute run before breakfast – but overall it all makes sense.

There’s nothing especially new here, but I guess it helps to have it all written out so simply for us less  regimented humans to follow and understand.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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Source: Forza

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