This Is Apparently The Main Reason That People Cheat On Their Partners


Ever wondered what gives someone the incentive to go and cheat on their partner? Well this new statistic may well hold all of the answers for you. I say all of them… One of them. It might hold one answer for you.

I’ve never been cheated on and have never cheated on anyone but I think I hate cheaters far more than I have any right to. They make me sick and there is literally no excuse for it. I’ve managed to avoid being cheated on very cleverly, actually; I’ve never been in a meaningful relationship. That’s right. the only thing I’m cheating is the system, playa.

But why do people do it? The love’s gone in their relationship? They’re bored? Just despicable people? Apparently it’s blowjobs.

Well, blowjobs and eating/licking out (must be a better term for that that isn’t cunnilingus)…


Victoria Milan, a dating service that inexplicably exists for married and “attached” people conducted a little survey to find out what the incentive behind infidelity was, presumably without “I’m a c*nt” as an available option.

Of the 9,107 surveyed, most of them agreed that oral sex, or the lack thereof, was a deal-breaker in having an affair.

Roughly 65% of women, and 68% men said that oral sex important in having an affair – but who cares what they think, right? Furthermore, they also think that it’s important in a real relationship, as if they’d know.

72% of women and 85% men said it belongs in every bedroom.

Every bedroom?




Anyway, it will come as no surprise that, in general, both men and women preferred receiving than giving, but that’s not to say that they don’t like giving. 77% of women and 72% of men enjoyed going down on people, whereas 89% of women and 94% of men enjoyed receiving.

But what countries give the most head? Well, Victoria Milan found that users in these countries are most obliging:

For men:

– Spain (80 per cent)
– United Kingdom (79 per cent)
– France (76 per cent)

For Women:

– Spain (84 per cent)
– France (83 per cent)
– United Kingdom (82 per cent)

In fact, there’s a whole chart of oral preferences…


So there you have it. People who have affairs like blowjobs and stuff. Is your partner a fan of oral sex? I hate to break it to you, but if they are, they’re almost definitely cheating on you.

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