Aldi And Lidl Start Twitter Fight, M&S Arrives To Shows Them Who's Boss


These days, you can tell a lot about a company by what their online presence is like. 

Being dull and unexciting will get you nowhere with the British public, who tend to favour companies with a sense of humour alongside their duty to good customer care. If you can’t take a joke, you ain’t getting our money, alright?

One Twitter user attempted to start beef between the UK’s two best budget chains Aldi and Lidl on Twitter, and they gladly took the bait:


M&S’s social media/customer service team came in hard:

And four hours later Waitrose did this:

… oh dear. Five points for trying?

And then

We know who our winner is. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Images via Twitter / Aldi / Lidl 

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