'13 Reasons Why' Just Announced Seven New Characters


With the second season of ’13 Reasons Why currently being filmed, Netflix have just announced seven new characters. 

There’s four new Liberty High students, plus three adult characters as well.

Check them out:


Tyrant actress Anne Winters will play Chloe: the new head cheerleader at Liberty High. She’ll be an “it girl”, and will appear in six episodes of season two.


Cyrus – played by newcomer Bryce Cass – will be a “cynical mischief maker” who ends up “an unexpected champion of the downtrodden”. We’re guessing that he’ll befriend Clay, Skye and Tony.



Cyrus’s older sister Mackenzie will be played by American Horror Story actress Chelsea Alden (she was Alissa in Roanoke).


Mackenzie is apparently witty, artsy, and not afraid of speaking her mind.


Track star with a secret Nina will be played by Samantha Logan. So far, she’s probably best known for her guest roles in Teen Wolf and Melissa and Joey.


Kelli O’Hara is predominantly a Broadway star, but she has appeared on the screen as well. She’s in Sex and the City 2, and has made guest appearances in Masters of Sex and The Good Fight. 

In 13 Reasons Why, she’ll play a “warm, intelligent, passionate advocate for victims of bullying.” We’re guessing that she might be Liberty High’s new counsellor, as we can’t imagine Mr. Porter lasting long once the tapes are made public…



Terra Nova actress Allison Miller will be playing a litigator, presumably hired by Hannah Baker’s parents to deal with the information that came to light in the tapes.



Ben Lawson (No Strings Attached, Modern Family) will play the school’s baseball coach, Rick.


13 Reasons Why will return in 2018.

Are you excited? Let us know in the comments! 

Images via Netflix / Fox / New Line Cinema / FX

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