Viewers Convinced That 'Love Island' Is Fixed After This Slip Up Last Night


According to the premise of the show, Love Island‘s fancy schmancy villa is full of singletons who are cut off from social media and the outside world in order to allow them to focus on finding love (and each other’s bits).

The contestants carry phones from which they can only text other islanders, and receive messages from producers. The only information they get about the real world is from late-entrants to the villa, who often update them on what is going on.

And yikes, Cam was not a fan of that joke.

So, it seems people are convinced that the islanders aren’t as cut off as we thought. But, you know, it’s also possible that one of the ten other people in the villa made the same observation that the Love Island pair were similar to the divorced celeb version. It’s hardly rocket science.

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Images via ITV2

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