This Is Why Viewers Are Convinced Last Night's 'Love Island' Lie Detector Was Fake


If you could strap anyone in your life up to a lie detector test, what would you ask them? 

Maybe you would use it to find out who in  your office keeps stealing your lunch, or whether you’re the best in bed your other half has ever had. Oh, the power of a lie detector test.

On last night’s episode of Love Island the girls were hooked up to a lie detector machine and the boys were tasked with choosing what to ask them. Some of the boys went for nice easy questions, and other chose to go hard.

Chris chose to ask Olivia whether she told Mike she would sleep with him, to which she answered ‘no’ and the lie detector deemed her answer the truth. This was particularly hard for viewers to digest, as they saw her say exactly that to Mike with their very own eyes.

They claimed this was proof that the lie detector was fake, or fixed:

As likely as it is that there was no actual lie detector on the show, it’s also worth noting that lie detector tests are notoriously unreliable. I once managed to take and beat a lie detector test, through sheer determination and nerves, but the test I was subjected to was far more thorough. It included pads under my butt cheeks to sense movement and a blood pressure band around my arm – and the trained operator admitted that a lie detector can only be used accurately when trying to figure out one specific detail – not for vague sweeping answers.

But, a spike in heart rate is likely to generally mean a lie – which is enough for a reality TV show on ITV2. It’s also possible that Olivia has convinced herself she didn’t say it, or is just incredibly manipulative… which might not be a stretch, looking at her past behaviour.

In other news, public opinion appears to have swung suddenly. A couple we all thought would never last a few weeks ago, Kem and Amber, suddenly looks like the strongest in the villa.

Montana, the girl we all thought was the kind of girl you’d make friends with in the ladies bathroom at the club, has turned on Camilla and proved instead to be one of those girls who drops you as soon as she finds a man.

And no one knows quite how to feel about the Gabby and Marcel thing:


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Images via ITV2

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