Ten First Date Venues That Are Guaranteed To Impress


You may think that by managing to hold a conversation with an actual real-life girl for more than a couple of Tinder exchanges, the hard part’s over, but I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong – because the difficult bit hasn’t even started yet.

If for some unknown reason a girl actually likes you, it’s inevitable that you’re going to have to meet up and go on a date – which is more often than not the make or break point.

Now, I can’t tell you how to act on a date in order to bag a girl (I’m not a fucking miracle worker) but what I can help with is where you should take the lovely lady.

I’ve assembled the very best locations for a first date, so have a look through them and take your pick (not that it matters anyway, because they’re all 100% guaranteed to work).

1. The cinema

My advice to you during the early stages of dating, is that you want to remain as mysterious as possible, because it’s only going to make her want you more in the long run. The cinema is a place that’ll allow your enigmatic ways to flourish, because conversation is largely kept to a minimum. By all means talk about the film afterwards, but on the whole, be the cool, silent type, and reveal as little about yourself as you possibly can. If she comes away from the date without learning a single thing about you, you’ve absolutely nailed it.

Another quick tip – avoid paying for any of the ridiculously over-priced sweets and popcorn on offer – women want a man that’s reluctant to spend his money, because it shows he’s sensible, cautious, and doesn’t like to get carried away or caught up in the moment – all seriously attractive personality traits, as I’m sure you’d agree.

2. A rave

As I’ve already alluded to, during the early stages of dating, conversation is a case of ‘less is more’, which is why going to a rave is a great place to take a girl on a first date.

The music will be so loud that speaking will be virtually impossible, and despite never really talking, she’ll be amazed at how much she likes you and how well you get on. Bear in mind that you don’t want to run out of things to talk about straight away – you’re in this for the long term remember – you’ve got all the time in the world to talk, and you know, actually get to know each other, so let it happen naturally.

A rave is also a fool-proof way of separating the proverbial wheat from the chaff; they’re so unbearably hot and sweaty that it will help to break the ice, and you’ll stop having any concerns about how good you’re looking. You’ll look so terrible, that if she still fancies you after seeing you in this state, she’s clearly not in the slightest bit shallow and therefore definitely, a keeper.

3. Your bedroom

Granted, a rave might not be everyone’s cup of tea, so if you fancy doing something a bit more low-key, and insist on getting to know your date – don’t worry – because your bedroom is a really good alternative where you can talk to your heart’s content.

Away from all the distractions and outside influences, your room will provide a relaxing environment where the two of you can spend some quality time together and find out everything there is to know about each other.

It’s also probably the least awkward setting for a date, and she’ll immediately feel at ease as the two of you chat away on the end of your bed into the early hours. Spending this amount of time together in such an intense setting will give you the opportunity to tell her your whole life story, which she’ll almost certainly want to hear every aspect of. Don’t be afraid to cry either, women like a man that can show his emotions.

Chances are that if you get on like a house on fire, it’s something that could go somewhere special.

4. Your birthday party

A big part of how successful a relationship is, is the ability for your other half to endear herself to your friends, which is why inviting her to your birthday party on a first date is a great way of seeing how she integrates into your friendship circle.

Everyone you’ve ever known will be there, so you’ll be able to see how well she gets on with them – if she’s true girlfriend material, she won’t be put off by what some may deem as a daunting social environment – rather – she’ll adapt and rise to the occasion as she meets every important person in your life. If she can do that, she’s got potential.

For you though, it’s a great way of showing off your amazing friends and proving how popular you are to a prospective girlfriend; you’ll be the centre of attention whilst everyone bigs you up and bangs on about how awesome you are. Also, if she starts hearing this enough, she’ll actually start to believe it, so you’re already at a massive advantage compared to any guy that doesn’t see the brilliance behind inviting a first date to their birthday party. How could she not fancy you?

5. A five-a-side football game with you and your mates

Similar to your birthday party – but on a lesser scale – bringing a girl to a five-a-side football game is the perfect first date venue, as it’ll allow you to see how good her banter is and if she can hang out with you and your best buds.

If she’s as up for a laugh as you hope, she won’t mind you sticking her in net either, and if she finds it all hilarious, you know you’ve got wifey material on your hands.

6. A nice restaurant for a meal and a few drinks

Sure, if you want to take her on an instantly forgettable date, go ahead.

7. A family dinner at your parents’ house on Christmas Day

Christmas is a special time of year, one which we spend with our loved ones and those that we hold dear.

So, what better place to show a girl how family oriented you are, than by inviting her into your home on Christmas Day to spend some quality time with you and your family?

This is a fantastic opportunity to show a softer side to your personality, and it’ll give her an incredible insight into the kind of man that you are. You can bond over a game of charades and The Wizard of Oz, and if you can, get your mum to bring out old photo albums of you as a baby. Letting her into your world to see how you interact with your family will demonstrate exactly the personality traits that women look for in a man, and she’ll come away saying “I want to spend the rest of my life with that man”.

Buying her a present is also guaranteed to give you extra brownie points.

8. A skydive/bungee

Relationships are all about encouraging your significant other to be the best person they can be, and this comes from constantly challenging them and forcing them out of their comfort zone in order to achieve the seemingly unachievable.

With that in mind, it makes sense to start a relationship off as you mean to go on, and where better to begin than giving your date the opportunity to tick something off her bucket list.

Once she gets over the crippling fear and anxiety, a skydive/bungee will make her realise that by being with you, she’ll be a better person who can laugh in the face of danger and tackle their fears head on. It’ll also prove to her how daring, fearless and brave you are, whilst giving her a flavour of what an adventure it’d be if she was you girlfriend.

Doing something so extreme and memorable will also give the two of you an amazing story that you can one day tell the grandkids.

9. A romantic holiday/getaway

Nothing says ‘I’m the man for you’ than a big romantic gesture, and none come much bigger than a surprise holiday for two.

The thinking here is that you want to set the bar as high as possible from the get-go, because that way she knows that a relationship with you is only going to be made up of unbelievable highs and almost no lows at all.

Girls always go on about wanting to be swept off their feet, and this is the ultimate way to do it. Going to this kind of effort is guaranteed to pay dividends in the long run too, because you’ll have blown your competition right out of the water, and she’ll quickly realise that no other bloke could possibly live up to your ridiculous dating standards, so you have be the one.

10. A funeral

Not hard to work this one out, but if you deem her worthy of taking her to a funeral, you clearly think she’s someone special, and that’s something that won’t be lost on her. Allowing her to see you in such a vulnerable state will show her that you’re different from most men and you’re someone who she could connect with on a deeper, emotional level. Also, there’s usually a pretty good spread on at the wake so at least it gets you out of paying for a meal.

So there you have it, the definitive guide on where to take a girl on a first date.

You can thank me at the wedding…

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