'Stranger Things' Is Getting "More Than Three Seasons"


Much to the delight of legions of Stranger Things fans, creators Matt and Ross Duffer have just revealed that they expect their show to continue for “more than three seasons.”

In an interview with Collider, they explained that they have four or five seasons mapped out in their minds.

As Ross Duffer explained:

“We’re not quite on the yearly cycle, as you can tell. But we’re gonna do it as fast as we can without totally burning out.” 

He suggested that we’d get a new season of Stranger Things about once every 15 months, which we think that we can just about cope with…


Apparently the events of the upcoming season two will “lay the groundwork for what would be the arc for the rest of the show”, which is interesting, given that “the kind of forces of evil that are inherent in season two make that Demogorgon look quaint in retrospect…”

The cast have spoken out about this season being scarier than its predecessor (and decidedly darker), as we’re set to see the lasting effects of Will Byers’ trip to the Upside Down.

You can check out the trailer here:

Stranger Things season two is set to hit Netflix on the 27th October.

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Images via Netflix

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