Stormzy Causes Serious Beef In The 'Love Island' Villa With Harsh Tweet


It’s the plague of Summer ’17. Everyone on Twitter is talking about it, people will ask you if you watch it during your weekly shop, people you didn’t even think owned a TV have become obsessed with it. It’s Love Island.

A show that dumps a bunch of singletons in a villa with some beds, messes with them a bit and dangles ยฃ50k in front of them. Glorious. This series we have seen everything from broken hearts and weird raps to Flack-attack plot twists that make you actually gasp out loud.

In last night’s episode, the producers unleashed another cruel game – ย one that outs the islanders to each other with the use of tweets from the viewing public. Gabby and Marcel were soon revealed to have been bitching about Montana and Alex, Olivia was revealed to have admitted she would have sex with another islander if no one found out, and Chris got a message from a well known UK grime artist.

Stormzy, another surprising Love Island fan, tweeted about Chris – saying what we all thought, that he should dump Olivia and find someone better.

Chris is understandably surprised by such a tweet, and Olivia promptly gets pretty pissed off about it. Later in the game, it’s then revealed that just minutes after she told Chris she loved him, Olivia admitted she would sleep with Mike if no one would find out.

When Chris because upset about that, she quickly turned on him and told him not to be ‘pathetic’. Things spiralled into a full blown row, with Chris finding himself alone at the fire pit admitting to himself “I am too good for her.”

It seems Stormzy missed all the excitement while travelling, telling followers he had just stepped off the plane and to explain what had happened. And the he posted saying:

And now, fans are calling for Stormzy and Chris to do a track together after the show ends next week:

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