Ryan Murphy Confirms Popular 'American Horror Story' Fan Theory


With just over a month to go before the return of anthology series American Horror Story, creator Ryan Murphy has sensationally seemed to confirm a major fan theory, explaining how all the different seasons are linked. 

Fans have long thought that the different seasons of American Horror Story pertained to the nine different circles of hell that are described in Dante’s Inferno (limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud and treachery), and with one swift Instagram post, creator Ryan Murphy seems to have confirmed that they’re right.

Check it out:


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So, Murder House was limbo – as all the people who died in the house couldn’t move on – while Asylum was themed around fraud (the Catholic Church was corrupt, Oliver Thredson was an imposter – as was Dr. Arden – and even Lana found herself in the Asylum as a result of her lies).

Coven was treachery and Freak Show, understandably, was greed. Elsa was so desperate for fame that she was prepared to do anything – even sell out her beloved freaks – to get it, and Stanley and Maggie did a lot of killing just to get some extra cash.


Hotel was gluttony, Roanoke was anger, and Cult – interestingly – will be heresy.

That leaves us with just lust and violence, kind of making us think that after Cult, we’ve only got two seasons of AHS left…

Check out the latest teaser for Cult here:

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