More People Were Having Sex Last Night Than Any Other Night Of The Year


Scientists who work at LoveHoney have put their heads together, and surmised that at 19:37 on Saturday 1st July (last night), more people will have been having sex than at any other given moment of the year. 

How did they work this out? Research apparently shows that the most popular time of the week to have sex is 19:37 on a Saturday (most people don’t have work the next day), and the most popular month is July (because it’s so hot).

There are five Saturdays this July, but according to LoveHoney, our sexual activity peaks on the first Saturday of the month (maybe because it’s the first post-pay-day weekend, and we’re all in a good mood?).

Whatever the reason, it all means that 19:37 last night was 2017’s sexual sweet spot. If you were doing it, you were certainly not alone.

Were you doing it? For scientific purposes, we need to know…

If you voted no, don’t worry. LoveHoney have revealed that Sunday is actually the second most popular day to have sex (followed by Friday, then Wednesday) so there’s a good chance that you’ll get lucky today. (To nobody’s surprise, Monday is the least sexy day of the week…)

After July, August, then June, then May, then December are the most popular months to do it, with November and January the two least popular months.


We’re actually not convinced. We’d have thought that February would have come higher on the list (it’s in sixth place) due to Valentine’s Day. That, or September and October (seventh and ninth, respectively), when it’s fresher’s week…

19:37 is also an odd time of the evening. Surely most people are either lying in front of the TV with a takeaway, or getting ready to go out?

Is 19:37 the time that people go to bed on a Saturday night these days?? Or are they suddenly finding themselves seized with passion, doing it on the living room floor, and then getting back to The X-Factor?

We’ve got some suspicions, but then who are we to dispute a scientific study carried out by a sex toy company.


Let us know what you think in the comments! 

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