New 'Ghostbusters' Film Coming In 2019


A year on from the divisive all-female Ghostbusters film, director of the two original Ghostbusters films and producer of the 2016 reboot, Ivan Reitman, has confirmed a sequel.

Making the announcement at San Diego’s Comic Con, Reitman claimed that Sony have “wonderful plans” for the Ghostbusters franchise, planning to release a sequel on the 35th anniversary of the original 1984 Ghostbusters film.

Reitman hinted that this 2019 follow-up is likely to be an animated addition to the franchise, interestingly told from “a ghost point-of-view” instead of from a Ghostbuster perspective.

Reitman’s “wonderful plans” of an animated sequel indicate a distancing from 2016’s live-action, corresponding with a potential animated series being released prior to the new film, no doubt intending to generate buzz for this animated agenda. This refreshing angle also appears to seek re-connection with Ghostbusters die-hards, as Reitman and Sony try to rekindle love for the franchise following the 2016 film’s mediocre reviews from fans and critics alike.


Although the original infamy surrounding the 2016 Ghostbusters film (the film’s trailer became YouTube’s most disliked video) was somewhat dampened upon its release, fans were disappointed with the lack of humour, with some taking an unfair prejudice towards the all-female cast. Reitman and Sony may believe that swapping live-action for animation, removing the focus from the Ghostbusters themselves and onto the lovable ghost rogues, will allow the Ghostbusters franchise to regenerate the surprising success of the 1984 film.

While the exact direction for Ghostbusters is fuzzy, we haven’t heard the end of green slime and we certainly won’t be waiting too much longer to peppily shout “WHO YOU GUNNA CALL?!”

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Images via Sony Pictures / Columbia Pictures.

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