Move Over Beer Pong, Prosecco Pong Is Now A Thing And We're Loving It


Beer pong is up there with the best of the drinking games. It’s firmly below ring of fire but definitely stands head and shoulders above slap cup. It’s probably tied with ride the bus.

That being said, lots of drinking games, especially the ones including cards, can fool passers-by into thinking you’re enjoying a sophisticated game in the presence of alcohol – very respectable. Not something that beer pong has the privilege of pulling off.

But what if you want to play beer pong but you’re in the company of, say, the Queen? Then what? You can’t just throw in the games towel “drink responsibly” (something we encourage you to do (do as I say, not as I do)), can you? Of course not, and that’s why the powers that be have gifted us a wonderfully classy alternative.


It’s called Prosecco Pong and it’s going to change the way you get tricked into getting sloshed. The rules are the same as beer pong but somehow it’s just a lot sexier.

You get 12 little champagne saucers (the 3rd sexiest glass going), a few ping pong balls and as much class as you can handle.


So I know what you’re (probably) thinking, “why don’t I just buy 12 champagne saucers and a few ping pong balls and do it myself?” and you could. No one’s stopping you but can you be bothered?

If you can and you don’t want to help out a small business with a good idea, I found a place on Amazon where you can buy 24 plastic champagne saucers for £8 and I’m sure you all know that ping pong balls are very cheap (six for 28 pence). You can use the money you saved on not buying the set to put towards a good bottle or some variation or sparkling wine – because there’s little worse than cheap bubbly. Just like fizzy vinegar.


I know it’s only July but this game’s definitely coming out at Christmas. I’m going to fucking destroy my Nan, and she knows it as well.

Images via iStock, Talking Tables

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