Montana From 'Love Island' Explains Why She Became "Bitchy" On The Show


Montana Brown was a firm fan favourite on the summer reality TV show ‘Love Island’ for most of the show – until suddenly viewers saw the ‘snakey’ side of her.

She was known for her witty one-liners and friendship to the girls during their time in the villa. She was pied off by Dom in the first week when he ditched her for Jess, and then she struggled to make a connection with anyone in the villa for quite some time.

She stayed in through a friendship based coupling with Marcel and a few failed almost-romances until her now-boyfriend Alex entered the villa. Despite him appearing to have no personality, Alex stayed in because viewers loved Montana and wanted to see the two together.

But then, much to the shock of everyone watching at home, it seemed like Montana turned, suddenly saying a few snide things about other girls in the villa – people weren’t so sure if they still liked her:

Following the drastic change of public opinion, Montana and Alex found themselves voted out of the competition right before the big final. They said their goodbyes and left the villa, and some fans were sad to see them go.

Since leaving the villa, Montana has spoken about the claims she “turned bitchy” on the show, telling The Daily Star “We were all encouraged to be b*tchy.”

She continued, “it was in the heat of the moment and I have been guilty of saying some things.”

Many people took this as Montana claiming the show’s producers had encouraged her to be bitchy, and it wasn’t long before the show released a statement saying:

“Montana meant the circumstances and environment of living in the villa for seven weeks encourages people to be b*tchy because it gets very tense. She never said that producers encouraged her to b*tchy.”


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Images via ITV2


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