'Love Island' Is In The Midst Of A Pretty Big Drug Scandal


Lo and behold as the UK’s classiest TV show – after ‘Naked Attraction’, ‘Sex Box’ and Channel 4’s ‘Punch a Baby whilst David Walliams spouts Innuendos’ – ‘Love Island’, is in the news again! But this time not only because someone said something to someone else about sex or paper or whatever.

That’s right, Love Island’s very own Mike Thalassitis apparently smuggled drugs into the villa and then bragged about shagging Tyla Carr in a secret recording.

Being voted back on to the dating show, Mike was recorded admitting to taking Viagra after drinking, presumably to celebrate.

He then went on in the recording to boast about how much cash he was getting from appearing on the show and, while he was content having his way with Tyla, he wouldn’t be dating her.

According to the Mirror, he said:

Mate, first night back in the villa I had in my suitcase, I had a Viagra and I was drunk innit because we started drinking straight away. I popped it and my piece was absolutely breathtaking.

I just thought fuck yep I’m in her head now — she’s mine for the taking.

I mean he sounds repellent but we are talking about a man with literally one facial expression to his repertoire and who looks like Edgar from Men in Black when he tries to smile…


Actually he looks like him anyway…



Anyway, ITV have a zero drugs policy and say that they check contestants’ bags for contraband upon entry. They went on to say that if they did find Viagra, they’d confiscate it immediately.

The money that he went on the brag about was in regards to the £2000 he gets per club appearance that he makes. Apparently he and Tyla enjoyed an “all-night sex fest” when they got to their hotel, if you were wondering?

I wonder what’s on National Geographic? When Squirrels Attack?! Yes!!!

Is Viagra that bad?

Images via ITV, Amblin Entertainment

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