This Is How Long Sex Lasts For The Average Person


Whether you’re watching copious amounts of porn, or listening to your mates boast about lasting all-night-long, it’s easy to get a warped idea of how long is normal, when it comes to having sex. 

Is everyone else at it for hours? Or is your seven minute session an impressive show of stamina?

Thanks to LoveHoney, we’ve got some answers. They ran a study, and found that the average heterosexual couple spends 19 minutes having sex. That breaks down into nine minutes of foreplay, and ten minutes of intercourse.

If you’re not hitting that, however, don’t worry. The US National Institute of Health carried out their own study (that is probably just that little bit more scientific than LoveHoney’s) and concluded that anything between three and seven minutes is considered “adequate.” They said that between seven and 13 minutes was “desirable”, but that on average, people manage between five and seven minutes.

5.4 minutes is apparently the absolute median, so if that’s your record, congratulations. You’re perfectly average.


10-30 minutes is considered “too long”, while people who last less than two minutes can consider themselves “premature”

These figures vary when it comes to same-sex couples. While no study has worked out an exact average, it’s considered that homosexual couples spend longer having sex than heterosexual ones, as they tend to focus more on “outercourse” as opposed to “intercourse” (that is to say, penetrative sex).

We shouldn’t, however, be stressing out about how long we take. As sex therapist Ian Kerner told GQ:

“Sex should definitely last long enough for both partners to achieve mutual pleasure, generally in the form of orgasm. 

A lot of women worry, especially when receiving oral sex, thinking, ‘Is this taking too long? Are they enjoying themselves? How soon am I going to come?’. That kind of anxiety can really delay orgasm and inhibit pleasure.”

Apparently we should stop thinking about how long it’s taking, and just concentrate on having fun.

We reckon that that’s good advice…

Let us know what you think in the comments! 

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