The Latest 'Rick And Morty' Promo Is A Psychedelic Trip Through The Multiverse


We fans of Rick and Morty have been waiting for what feels like an eternity for season three of the hit show.

We got a taste of it back in April with the first episode – Rickshaw Redemption – which was every bit as good as we hoped for, but then we were hit with a rumour that co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon had fallen out which had led to the production of season three stalling.

Luckily, this was utter bollocks, with Dan Harmon confirming that the hold-up was actually because he wanted the show to be as good as ever.

Then, shortly after this confusion, it was announced via a Facebook live stream that the series would finally be airing on 30th July, which means there’s just under two weeks to go!

And to keep you ticking over until then, a new NSFW promo titled “Rick and Morty Exquisite Corpse” has just dropped, featuring the titular pair going on some pretty bizarre adventures (which isn’t anything particularly new).

Check it out below:

The sequence is particularly trippy given the cocktail of animation techniques used, with a whole host of various animators and producers hopping on board to give us their interpretation of the characters.

The video is directed by Matt Taylor (in collaboration with animation production studio Titmouse) who said on his own blog that he:

“personally selected artists from around the world to contribute animated segments that would all link together. An amazing puzzle to solve and the process went incredibly smooth and resulted in a beautiful work of visual art. Heartfelt thanks to the artists and those who gave me this opportunity and trusted in my creative tastes.”

It somehow manages to out-bizarre the original show and creator Dan Harmon even tweeted “Okay, now what are we supposed to do in season 3 that lives up to THIS?”

This latest video is on top of the official trailer for season three which was released just a few weeks ago.

30th July promises to be a real schwifty one.

What do you think of the latest video? Let us know in the comments below!

Images via Adult Swim/Twitter

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