Former Contestant Has Revealed What It's Like To Go On 'Naked Attraction'


A few days ago I received a call from my mother in which she incredulously asked me, “Did you know there’s now a TV show full of people who are naked?”

Sheila at work had told her it was “quite entertaining” but my dear mother decided the premise was “inexcusable”, and I can only imagine the phone call was to ensure I never venture onto such a TV show.

One participant of the show who got his junk out for all to see has gone to the press to spill exactly what happens behind the scenes. Speaking to iNews, Gavin said “If you’re on standby and you don’t appear on the show then you get paid £75 for being in the room. You don’t get paid if you’re on the show.”

“I got accepted. I think it’s quite hard to get rejected – most people who apply get on.”

He revealed that contestants are required to ditch their clothes long before they’re actually on the show – having to bare all for a 45 minute filmed interview.

“I went down to Newcastle, sat down and chatted with a camerawoman and a male interviewee. Then they said ‘Can you take your clothes off now and pitch yourself to us?’ It lasted about 45 minutes. It wasn’t so awkward, they made me feel at ease.”

And then once you make it onto the show, contestants are brought to the studio in the nude at 7am for filming; “It’s a long day. They do some hair and make-up and then you get to meet the people you’re up against.

You’ve got about two hours of standing in a box until it all starts. It ended up being from seven in the morning to three in the afternoon to film half an hour of television.”

He continued:

“They come round and take loads of pictures for the mash ups. It was quite a lengthy process, but enjoyable.

You were sweating because there was a light shining on you, but there was a draft so it was a bit cold, so there was quite a lot of shaking going on by the boys.

Whenever the camera wasn’t on, everyone was shaking themselves to try and make themselves look bigger.”

Unfortunately, Gavin wasn’t chosen out of the naked line-up for a date – but doesn’t regret his decision to go on the show (despite the unhappy response from his mother).

He confessed that his family aren’t happy, saying: “My sister wants to kill me and I don’t think my Mum and Dad are very happy. I took a while to break that one.

“I’d say to anyone it’s a good experience and if you don’t try it, you can’t knock it. It was all very good fun, good banter. It’s sort of what you get in a football dressing room, everyone taking the piss out of themselves.”

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Image via Channel 4 

Naked Attraction is on Thursday at 10pm on Channel 4

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