'Despacito' Just Became The Most Streamed Song Of All Time


On top of being the third most watched video on Youtube and dubbed the number one song of the summer, Despacito now has another title to add to its lengthy list of accomplishments. 

Universal Music Latin Entertainment recently announced that Luis Fonsi’s smash hit summer song has racked up a whopping 4.6 billion streams across the globe. Such a high number means that the song has knocked Justin Bieber’s 2015 hit song Sorry out of the number one spot.

The CEO of Universal Lucian Grainge has expressed his excitement at the possibilities streaming can open for international music in the future:

“Streaming has opened up the possibility of a song with a different beat, from a different culture and in a different language to become a juggernaut of success around the world.”

39-year-old Luis Fonsi was just as pleased. The Despacito crooner explained that he couldn’t believe his song had garnered such a faithful following of fans, especially as he never planned to write a hit.

The singer only wanted to make people dance, but has admitted that his song has some nuggets of political wisdom tucked away as well:

“I don’t want to use the word accident because I was trying to write a hit, but I didn’t plan for it to cross over. I just wanted to make people dance. I come from Puerto Rico and I live in Miami.

We’re living in an interesting time right now when people want to divide us. They want to build walls. And for a song to bring people and cultures together, that’s what makes me proud.”

On top of the 4.6 million streams the song has racked up since its release in January, Despacito has also reached number one on the music charts of 35 different countries around the world.

It spent ten consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, nine weeks on the UK official charts and 17 weeks at number one in Spain. The music video is also the fastest to reach two billion views. In other words, people clearly love a bit of Despacito.

To celebrate, why not give it a listen one more time?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Images via Universal Music Latin Entertainment/Giphy/Twitter

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