The Most Dangerous Sex Positions For Men Have Been Revealed


I don’t know about you, but when I was at school, there’d always be one lad that’d brag about ‘snapping his banjo string’.

I’m not exactly sure why you would go around telling people that because it sounds excruciating, but for some reason, everyone thought it was hilarious. I can assure you it’s not – snapping your dick never has, and never will be funny.

If you wish to avoid a broken willy then, I suggest you think twice about engaging in the ‘most dangerous sex position’ that left 18 men with a snapped todger last year.

According to NHS figures, ‘doggy style’ is responsible for more broken penises than any other position, which is a damn shame because everyone knows it’s the best position.

‘Cuming’ in second was missionary, followed by ‘overzealous masturbation’ (which I’m often very guilty of) and cowgirl.

The figures suggest that as many as 18 cases of broken penises were treated by hospital medics in the UK last year, with men being at most risk during “vigorous sexual intercourse”.

A penile fracture as they are medically known, happens when the tubes keeping an erection bend with a pop (hence the ‘banjo string’) after being thrust with extreme force against a hard object.

The NHS website says:

If the penis is violently twisted when erect, it can break. There are no bones in the penis, but the tubes that fill with blood during an erection can burst.

Blood pours out of them inside the penis and causes a very painful swelling. Reported cases of penile fracture are rare, but it’s thought that some men are too embarrassed to report it to their doctor.

Damage during sex, where a partner is on top, is responsible for about one-third of all cases. The breakage usually occurs when a man’s penis slips out of his partner and is violently bent.

Apparently, men in their 20s and 30s are more susceptible to a broken penis due to their fitness and firmer erections, so be vigilant men.

All of this is pretty worrying; it just proves my point that no good can come from having sex, which is exactly why I avoid it like the plague…

Which is your favourite position? Let us know in the comments below!

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