The Cast Of Live Action 'Aladdin' Has Been Announced


Disney have announced the cast for their live action Aladdin, revealing that Will Smith will be taking on the iconic role of Genie. 

Power Rangers actress Naomi Scott will play Jasmine, while relative newcomer Mena Massoud (he was in the Jack Ryan TV series) has won the role of Aladdin.

Guy Ritchie will be directing this live action remake, which – like Beauty and the Beast before it – will be a musical.

There’s no release date yet, but we’d estimate sometime around the 2019/2020 mark.

Disney have a whole host of live action remakes lined up.

Jon Favreau is directing a live-action Lion King (with Donald Glover, James Earl Jones, Seth Rogen and (rumoured) Hugh Hackman), while live-action Mulan has also been commissioned.


The Aladdin cast certainly seems to have gone down well with fans:

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Images via Disney

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