Caroline Flack Accidentally Dropped A Bombshell About This Year's 'Love Island' Finale


Love Island host Caroline Flack (AKA the Flack-Attack) has hinted at yet another big twist for this year’s islanders.

Unlike previous years, this year’s singles were separated into two villas for a few days to test the strength of their couples, but it seems that isn’t the only twist the show’s producers have up their sleeves.

Speaking on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, when asked about the prize money for this year’s winners Flack began explaining the procedure before stopping herself and admitting that it’s set to change this year so she probably shouldn’t say.

Normally, the winning couple share the 50k – but a change in the winning procedure could see one person going home with everything. Or, for added drama, the other islanders voting on whether they should get the money or not. Can you tell I wan’t to be a part of the Love Island team and help torture these poor singletons?

She went on to talk about the popularity the show has gained this year from people of all ages, saying, “it was more a young person’s show, and now the whole family are like… it’s like a family gathering with everyone sitting down to watch the show!”

She then got onto the topic of game-playing islanders, saying, “But how long can you pretend to like someone for? I can’t, I could probably pretend for about two days then cracks would appear.”

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Images via ITV2 

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