Can You Pick The 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Who Are Still Alive?


Winter is here, by which we mean Game of Thrones is back. Finally. 

After 13 long months of anticipation, season seven (the penultimate of the series) made its debut in the USA last night, with episode one Dragonstone.

If you’re in the UK, there’s a solid chance that you haven’t watched it yet, so here’s a little something to keep you occupied until 9pm.

As we head into season seven, this quiz asks you to pick the characters that are still standing after the bloodbath that was season six.

(Be warned. If you get one wrong, the quiz ends, so only pick the characters that you’re 100% sure are still alive and kicking).

Give it a go here:

How did you do? Let us know in the comments!

Images via HBO

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