Brothel Is Renting Out Sex Robot For £88 An Hour, Despite Chilling Warning From Scientists


There is a growing interest in futuristic and weirdly lifelike sex robots.

We humans aren’t happy with just, you know, normal sex with each other – we must make it creepy and futuristic. A Dublin brothel has imported in a lifelike sex robot in America for its punters, and it has already been visited numerous times.

The creepy plastic robots are programmed to respond to vibrations, and can be dressed and posed in any way the customer wishes. The brother charges £88 an hour for some time with the doll that they call ‘Passion Dolly’. Because that isn’t creepy at all!

An advert on the establishment’s website describes the sex doll as ‘ultra-realistic’, but the concept doesn’t go down well with everyone.

Activist group Campaign Against Sex Robots believe the machines encourage men to think of women as objects, and research director Lydia Kaye has said “The creation of sex robots imitates and reproduces the value system of these corrupt and brutal industries that capitalise on the exchange and dehumanisation of women.

Sex robots will create another means through which women will be presented as objects to be used for sexual gratification and mistreatment.”#

Scientists have recently delivered a warning about the effects sex robots could have on the understanding of rape and consent. A report from the Foundation for Responsible Robotics acknowledged that these dolls are becoming more lifelike and responsive, and so warned that they could be used to simulate rape and other non-consensual actions.

Their research also cited that two-thirds of men are in favour of using sex robots while only one-third of women are. They argue that this could lead to an imbalance in production, as mostly female robots are being created.

The paper also explores the chilling possibility that child-like robots could be produced to help provide therapy for convicted paedophiles, and that lawmakers need to contemplate this before it happens.

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Images via Cascade

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