Adele Called Gabby From 'Love Island' A Tramp And People Can't Get Over It


Say what you like about Adele but the truth of the matter is that she doesn’t say much about herself. She’s known for being fairly elusive in the public eye and though she likes to have a chat when she’s on stage, we never get an insight into what she gets up to in her day to day.

Well, apparently she gets up to much the same as we do, and that’s obviously sitting at home and watchingΒ Love Island. That’s right, at her latest show, she was talking to the crowd about how she watches the reality show with her husband and it seems she has some pretty strong views about the contestants.

Speaking about Gabby, Adele said:

When that girl facetimed her mum, ‘mum are you proud of me?’ No she ain’t, no she ain’t fucking proud of you, you tramp!

Bit strong…

I’m going to go ahead and remain impartial here but, you know, Gabby and Marcel didn’t have sex, did they?

Twitter was split. Some people thought it was hilarious but then a lot of people were pretty offended by the whole thing – slut shaming and all that, you know?

Pretty controversial stuff there, Adele. And it’s not like she’ll be able to amend her statement, she’s cancelled her next shows because she has a bad throat or something…

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Image via Getty, ITV

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