6 Equally Trashy TV Shows To Watch Now That 'Love Island' Is Over


Love Island fever swept the nation this summer, with millions of people who don’t normally get involved with such shows tuning in to see the singletons in action.

Last night was the finale, which means the end of an era for those who were watching. We suddenly have an hour of our day back that we haven’t had for weeks – and we don’t know quite what to do with it.

So, here are six brilliantly terrible TV shows that you can use to fill that gap:

1. Are You The One?

This is the show most similar to Love Island. It involves ten men and ten women in an exotic villa. Each person has a ‘Perfect Match’ in the mix, as per the tests undertaken before the start of the show. They have to figure out among them who the ‘Perfect Matches’ are – with the only way to see if they’re right is to send one couple into the ‘truth booth’ each week to test and see if they really are the perfect match. They are asked to couple up each week, and are told how many perfect matches they have – but not exactly who those matches are.

If they can get all ten matches right in ten weeks, they win $1 million to share among themselves. There have been five seasons so far, with four of the groups figuring out all of the Perfect Matches. Previous seasons have taken place in beautiful destinations like Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the Dominican Republic. Five of the couples are still together, and there has even been one marriage with children.

You can watch previous seasons online, or Season 6 will be airing on MTV this Autumn.

2. Amazing Race

This show involves pairs travelling across the world in an effort to win $1 million dollars. The teams race from country to country to reach each challenge as soon as possible and complete it first. It’s a test of teamwork, budgeting and travel knowledge. For example, they might be told they need to get to a specific check point in Vietnam from the USA, so they will run, get in a taxi, race to the airport, battle to try and get the earliest flights possible, get off the plane, find a taxi or a bus and when when they make it to the checkpoint there will be a challenge. Something like cooking a specific meal to a local’s liking, or finding the same bag from five street sellers. The last team to finish each challenge is eliminated – until eventually one team is left!

There are all kinds of twists and turns, with players able to give other teams a roadblock or delay their journey.

It’s a thrilling show full of fights among couples and family based teams, particular players you just can’t stand, that one team you really love but are terrible at the challenges, and awful taxi drivers.

You can watch The Amazing Race online.

3. Naked Attraction

It’s a dating show with a difference – the singletons pick their date based solely on their naked body. A person is shown several other humans bit by bit, starting at their feet and heading north. They then have to pick their date based entirely on their naked body. This is where they tend to reveal their weird hang ups – like having a problem with hairy toes or outy belly buttons.

The couples then meet again, with clothes on, for their date. Unsure as to how successful the show has been in making matches so far.

You can watch Naked Attraction on Channel 4.

4. Survivor

Not a dating show, but a really really great show to take up your evenings for about a month. A bunch of people are dumped on an island in the hopes of being the final survivor. The people are split into two teams, and every episode they go head to head in challenges for food and luxury items. The team that loses go to a tribal council meeting, and have to vote for one person to leave.

Within each team, people will form alliances and friendships – which typically lead to you surviving longer in the game. But these alliances can turn on you, and you can never fully trust anyone. You can’t be too good at the challenges, because others will see you as a threat and make sure you’re kicked out, and you cant be too bad either as that will also get you booted from the island.

You can make alliances, but if they seem too strong to the other islanders, they will try to break the bond – and if they’re too weak, your alliances will turn against you. There are game players who will turn the whole team against people and have them removed from the island, but then find themselves removed shortly after as the others can see they’re not to be trusted. There are plot twists that will actually leave your jaw hanging.

You can watch Survivor online.

5. Naked Dating

Imagine Love Island, but naked. This show create by VH1 in 2014 put a bunch of singletons into a villa, told them all to be naked, andthen they went on dates.

Their bits and bobs were blurred out, but the hilarity of a couple doing normal dates completely naked remained. There’s also something incredibly weird about watching people try to have serious relationship chats… completely naked.

The show unfortunately finished in 2016 but the episodes are available to watch online

6. I Wanna Marry Harry

For those of you that didn’t watch this when it aired, this show revolves around a bunch of American woman who genuinely believe they are battling to date the actual real life Prince Harry.

They are all plonked in a house, and a man who looks vaguely like the Royal is introduced.  The show uses props like helicopters, fake paparazzi, security guards and fancy cars to convince the women he’s the real deal. And when he whittles it down to the final girl (who thinks she’s actually going to marry into royalty) he admits he’s not Prince Harry to see if she’ll choose to stay with him.


You can watch I Wanna Marry Harry online.

What will you be watching now that Love Island is over? Let us know in the comments!

Images via ITV2 / Twitter

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