Woman Called The Police Because Her McNuggets Weren't Prepared Fast Enough


Beware. This article and its ceaseless talk of McNuggets in all their peppery crunchy goodness is likely to make you want a whole box of 20 to yourself. Just don’t call the police about it. 

We’ve all been there, totally desperate for food but it’s taking ages to arrive. I once ordered a ‘bacon burger’ in an American Diner style restaurant, and it turned up 40 minutes later with no bacon in because apparently they don’t serve bacon, it’s just called that. I wish I had called the police then.

One woman in Texas got so desperate for the nuggs that after waiting ten minutes for her order, she parked her car and refused to leave the drive-through lane. After some heated discussion between herself and the McDonald’s staff, they called 991 – and she then did the same. Police officers arrived on the scene to resolve the dispute (and probably for a mid-shift Big Mac).

“The woman, who still was parked in the drive-through lane, told officers she was upset because it was taking so long for her order to arrive and that she thought the nuggets ought to be free,” Sargent W. Patrick Swanton told KWTX. We have a feeling it might have been this lady:

The poor woman ended up with no nuggets, but a refund instead. And that, kids, is what you get for having the temerity to make demands of the nugget-makers… No nuggets.

Waco Police even posted about the momentous occasion on their social media:

And while the whole thing seems quite hilarious, Swanton want to remind people that nuggets are not the kind of thing you should be calling the police about, unless someone is trying to murder you with them. And even then, is death by nugget really such a bad way to go?

“We definitely have better things to do than respond to a call about chicken nuggets not being served quickly enough,”
Swanton said.

Being hangry is not an emergency, people.

But, while we’re on the topic of nuggets, let’s just take a minute to reminisce about this internet golden nugget:

And just in case you have eve wondered, here is a comprehensive yet entertaining comparison of every variety of nugget:

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